The Merrimack Valley Beekeepers Association (MVBA) hosts the preeminent beekeeping course in Southern New Hampshire and Northeast Massachusetts. Our courses cover everything you need to know to start a hobby or small business in beekeeping. The classes are taught by experienced beekeepers and are meant to be interesting to all ages as well as fun. They include lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and videos. And you will have the opportunity to purchase equipment and bee packages from local suppliers.

Bee School is presented for two parts, basic Bee School and Intermediate Bee School

2023 Basic Bee School will meet each Tuesday evening at 6:30 to 8:30 PM, starting March 7, 2023. The format will be a one or two presentations, each followed by discussion and Q&A. The presentations will be interactive to respond to requests for clarification. Lesson duration vary depending on the night’s topic.

The 2023 Bee School will be conducted in a combination of formats. The first, third and fifth classes will be offered as live in-person meetings in Merrimack. The second and forth classes will be presented only on Zoom.

In-person classes will also be live steamed on Zoom for those who can’t travel to Merrimack, however, we strongly encourage you to attend in person if possible for the best experience.

Updated 2023 Bee School Schedule. The March 21, 2023 class has been postponed due to the weather on March 15. Many Town Meetings have been rescheduled resulting in widespread conflicts. The next meeting will be on-line March 28, 2023.

2023 Intermediate Bee School, for experienced beekeepers will be held later in Spring 2023. The schedule and syllabus will be announced in March.

Bee School Registration

Bee School is open to all current MVBA members. To join MVBA click here.

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