The Merrimack Valley Beekeepers Association

Welcome to the Merrimack Valley Beekeepers Association (MVBA) web site.

The MVBA has members throughout the Merrimack Valley and the surrounding areas. They include beekeeping hobbyists and those who rely on beekeeping as a livelihood.

We meet monthly to share ideas of effective beekeeping and learn new treatments and techniques.

Please join us for one of our monthly meetings and make sure to

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Register for June 3, 2023 Monthly Meeting featuring Randy Oliver, Making and Using NUCs

2023 Monthly Meetings will continue to be hybrid

Both Zoom and IN person

The Zoom Link is published in the Monthly newsletter for Members
In Person Montly meetings are open to members and non-members

The video above shows a honey bee waggle dance. Click here to view the excellent full length video from Georgia Tech.

Please click on the Bee School tab to learn more about this year‘s Bee School.

Members may view recordings of several of the 2023 classes. Go to Bee School Info and Registration above to access Syllabus, Schedule and Presentations.